KA&HA is a young artist duo
based in Copenhagen, Denmark, consisting of:
Nele Kadastik (EE) & Jonas Hall (DK).

Since the inception of our collaboration in the early 2016, we have mainly been working with experimental film and video art, communicating and trying to create a dialogue between the content and the viewer through surreal abstractions and images. 

Although we are seemingly taking a step back from the classical narrative structure, we still believe that it exists between the fine lines of the apparent chaos. With a deep fascination towards existentialism, we try to reveal the hidden internal landscapes and conflicts through contrasting images of beauty and the grotesque. The guiding force through all of this, is an almost musical approach to the pacing of the pictures – where different mental states and themes, both universal and non comprehensive of nature, flow together in a strangely rhythmic way. With filmic influences such as french new-wave, noir, german expressionism, czech animation, post-modernism and lynchian surrealism, we try to mix various styles and genres to create something aesthetically potent and unique. The overall goal is to try to make the audience feel something that was unbeknownst beforehand.